Dawn of the Energy Efficiency Decade. Is Your Property Helping to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

Reducing carbon emissions is a country wide task we can all do together. With Australian households generating at least one-fifth of the country’s greenhouse gases, are you doing your part to try to lessen your household or commercial property’s carbon emissions? 

Evidence shows that increased carbon emissions will result in extreme weather events (such as flooding and bushfires) becoming more frequent and that Australia is well on its way to devastating climate change. By doing your bit, you can help contribute to the nation-wide effort to reduce carbon emissions. And as a bonus, you can help increase your home energy savings and reduce your commercial property energy usage. 

As a Victorian business, you can take advantage of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program to provide your business with a commercial property energy upgrade. You can get discount on all sorts of energy efficient products to not only reduce your energy bill, but also help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. 

By supplying you with free energy efficient products, this government rebate scheme can help your business save thousands on your energy bill. 

Energy efficiency products are an absolute must in reducing carbon emissions, so make sure to find out what products you are eligible for. 

Another way to add to your commercial property energy upgrade and reduce your carbon emissions is by going solar. The Solar for Business Program offers rebates for businesses that want clean, affordable energy. 

The VEU can do more than just assist your business, but also your homes. The goal of the VEU program is to help the environment and increase energy savings, which any homeowner can take advantage of. 

Outdated, inefficient products around the house – such as lighting, air conditioning and hot water systems – can all be paid for by the VEU program. Many of these offerings are free energy efficient products.  

If the lighting in your house has halogen or incandescent light bulbs, you can upgrade to LED lighting for free. LED lighting is up to 75% more efficient than its counterparts, which in turn helps you do your bit for the planet, as well as increase your home energy savings. 

Have an electric or gas hot water system? Upgrade to a free 70% more efficient heat pump for your residential or commercial property. This can help reduce the 18 tonne average of carbon emissions released by Australian households each year. 

While you’re at it, find out if you’re eligible for a free shower head upgrade to reduce the amount of water used at your home. 

Reducing carbon emissions at your home and business has never been easier with the help of the Victorian Government’s VEU program. Take advantage of these rebates for your business or home today. 

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