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Why Auspro is at the Forefront of Protecting Our Planet, and How You Can Take Advantage of the Latest Government Rebate Schemes

With the rise in carbon emissions, climate change is starting to take its toll on Australia. The latest evidence suggests the devastating bushfires, increased flooding and heatwaves are a product a country on its way to devastating repercussions.  

Luckily, the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) Program is here to help. The VEU is a government rebate scheme that is targeted towards helping Victorians make some much needed changes to their homes and commercial properties. This is where Auspro is at the forefront of providing the services needed to help protect the planet at your home. 

As an ESC accredited provider, Auspro can upgrade your home and lessen the impact your household has on the planet by reducing your carbon emissions. 

Reduce your energy usage on lights by up to 75% with a free LED upgrade, courtesy of the VEU. With Auspro you can check your eligibility here and have your home equipped with energy efficient lighting that reduces your impact on the planet and your energy bill. 

Auspro also offers free In-home displays installations, so that you can monitor what is using the most energy in your household and make adjustments. In-home displays can reduce your home’s energy usage by up to 15%, helping that little bit extra. 

A free hot water system is also available through Auspro. They are up to 70% more efficient than regular gas or electric counterparts, greatly limiting your carbon emissions. While you are at it, installing a free shower head upgrade through Auspro is a great way to reduce the amount of water used in your home and take the strain off your hot water system. 

Auspro also offers home weather sealing, which can help improve the efficiency of your air conditioning in the blistering hot summers and the freezing winter months. Weather seals can help make the temperature of your home easier to control, and any Victorian household that wants to seal their windows, doors, chimneys and vents can be approved for a government rebate. 

Speaking of air conditioning, with Auspro, you can apply for rebates to improve your heating & cooling system to one that is more energy efficient than standard air conditioners. All of which is available through the  Home Heating and Cooling Upgrade Program. 

Visit Auspro to find more details on how you can take advantage of the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program to protect your planet at home. 

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