Installation process

How it works

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    Step 1 - Conduct site assessment

    Once you send through an enquiry, we'll book a time to inspect your property. We will conduct a thorough site assessment to understand your needs.

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    Step 2 - We'll provide you with a proposal

    Based on the site assessment, we will provide you with a detailed proposal on what upgrades and energy solutions you may benefit from.

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    Step 3 - We manage the whole project for you

    Once you've approved our proposal, we'll handle project management throughout the process, from organizing stock to installation. All installations are conducted by Auspro's qualified team of certified electricians for your peace of mind.

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    Step 4 - Decommission your old bulbs

    Your old hot water system will be decommissioned to ensure all dangerous material are safely disposed of.

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    Step 5 - Start saving and pass on the word

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the savings on your bills! Tell all your friends (maybe even your mother-in-law) about Auspro. Without referrals, we wouldn't exist. We rely heavily on our customers to spread the word about us and their Auspro experience

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Planet-loving energy solutions, from yours truly

We’ve been Victoria’s leading energy efficiency brand since 2017. At Auspro we help you to improve energy efficiencies at home and at work – and in doing so, you save money and help make things better for our planet. How cool is that?

Upgrade your fluorescent fixtures to LED lighting

Switch to cost-effective heat pumps driven by renewable energy

Get assistance with the upfront costs of solar PV systems

If you can measure it, you can manage it. Start monitoring your electricity usage in real-time

Singing in the shower comes at a great cost if you don’t have the right showerhead

Who let the air out? Wasting energy unnecessarily stinks

How can we light up your world?

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