What does the National Energy Guarantee mean for Australians wanting to reduce energy costs?

The National Energy Guarantee is the Australian federal government’s new energy policy consisting of a Reliability Guarantee and an Emissions Guarantee.  

While the new policy aims to ensure that Australian’s will always have energy to their homes and workplace, the reliance on “dispatchable power” such as coal and gas means that Australia is lagging behind in the fight against climate change. 

While the Emissions Guarantee aims to reduce carbon emission, research shows that we would still be well below the initially proposed Clean Energy Target when we pass 2030. 

As for those reduced home and business energy bills that are promised, the forced reliance on energy retailers to use gas gives wholesalers more bargaining power to increase prices, as well as the fact that gas is a lot more expensive than other sources. The evidence seems to suggest that the National Energy Guarantee will result in higher prices for your energy consumption. 

Australians will have to look elsewhere to reduce their home energy bills and those who have heavy business energy consumption will need to get creative. Fortunately, the Victorian State Government is doing its part to help ease the burden for Australians. 

By using the benefits of the Victorian Energy Upgrade program, Victorian residents and business owners can get a range of free energy efficient products to lower their energy usage and strive for cheaper energy bills. 

A free LED lighting upgrade is available to every residential or commercial property that has outdated lighting such as halogen or incandescent light bulbs. LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption on lighting by up to 75% and you can visit Auspro to find out exactly how to get this free energy efficient product here. 

There are many more products available, such as an up to 70% more efficient hot water system, in-home displays, energy efficient air conditioning and much more. All upgrades in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program apply to both home and commercial properties. They are also a great way to save money while reducing carbon emissions. 

Australians that want to reduce their business energy bills and consumption should consider switching to solar. By having solar panels instead, you can bypass the impacts of the National Energy Guarantee altogether by having your own source of clean energy. 

What’s better is that the Solar for Business Program offers rebates on the purchase and installation of solar panels for your business. 

With energy costs looking to increase due in part to the National Energy Guarantee, it’s best for Australians to find their own way to reduce their energy consumption. Visit the Victorian Upgrades Program to see how you can find ways to reduce your home business energy bill 

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