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Our Values

We love that the work we do helps make for a better world

At Auspro we genuinely care – about our customers and our staff, and our planet.

Auspro is a values centred business. Our values are placed first, before the commercial. Our culture and relationships with each other and our customers are what set us apart from other companies in our field.


What we value

Care and Commitment

Energy upgrades are energy upgrades. It's why we do what we do which makes us different ...and we do all of this because we want the best for our customers, our staff and our planet. That means going through all the government programs to find what works for you and your unique situation.

We want you to get your own version of happily-ever-after, energy-speaking. We'll send you Prince Charming on a solar-powered horse if we could.

Responsibility and Quality

Experience and success for our clients involves helping them be energy efficient. At Auspro we take responsibility for this and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our service, products and installations.

We only offer government-approved superior quality products without compromise. This enables us to improve energy efficiencies and save money for businesses and households, all whilst protecting the planet. We're committed to delivering the right products and energy upgrade solutions for your home and business.

Integrity and Trust

Our reputation comes from the doing, not the selling. How we do what we do is everything to us, and even more important to our customers.

At Auspro we do what we say and keep to our commitments. From providing new installations to post-install services, we complete our work and support with integrity, as a partner our customers can truly trust and rely on. When you're with Auspro, you can be satisfied with just one partner.

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Planet-loving energy solutions, from yours truly

We’ve been one of the leading energy efficiency brand since 2012. At Auspro we help you to improve energy efficiencies at home and at work – and in doing so, you save money and help make things better for our planet. How cool is that?

Switch to cost-effective heat pumps driven by renewable energy

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