Dyna Heat Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
Created From Nature Steaming Hot Water
At No Cost! upgrade your hot water are approved under 3 rebate schemes Our New Dynaheat units

100% Rebate & Friendly Service

Save on Electricity

Reduce the cost of your electricity bill by using the air, cleaner,
cheaper and more efficient

No cost involved

We supply and install your new water pump, stress free

No Ozone Depletetion

Our units are CFC free and use the latest in smart. renewable

How is it free?

Thanks to the Federal and state government. In an effort to encourage businesses and individual to redue their environment impact and use renewable energies. The state ad federal government have offered funding that results in No out of pocket expenses for the supply and installation of DynaHeat tm Heat Pump.

Why choose Us?

  • Government Approved
  • Free installation and delivery
  • quality parts
  • Easy to Use, set and forget
  • Frost Protection

Think Smarter!

Combining efficiency with innovation, our heat pumps are cutting edge to the hot water systems market. Our highly efficient heat pumps come at a low cost thanks to government subsidies in place. This means you can create savings out of thin air. Not only do our units use renewable energy to increase the output, they are
also more Energy efficient than electric and solar hot water systems

A Greener Future Energy Saving
Steaming Hot Water
Stop paying Start Saving
Quiet Operation
Designed for Australia
Government Approved

Designed to last!

Our new range of heat pumps are heavy duty, and made to withstand ambient ‘Eco mode’ operating temperatures between -7C to +40C. This wide operating temperature range means you can rest assured that you will be achieving he maximum amount of energy savings and hot water throughout the year.

with a huge range of inbuilt features, government subsidies in place, plus massive annual energy savings, upgrading your hot water service couldn’t be easier. Cotact Auspro Group

How Does it work?

  1. The dynaheat unit pulls heat frrom the air, even if the air is cool
  2. Heat flows through the condenser colls that transfers the heat to the water
  3. Warm air is compressed, Increasing its temperature ( heating the water)
  4. cold air released


Intrinsicly engineer one-to-one partnerships with error-free customer service. Competently optimize goal-oriented technology via low-risk high-yield materials engage.

Energistically develop client-centered web services without focused data. Conveniently syndicate leveraged scenarios.


Energy saved is equal to the energy created

We offer unsurpassed expertise in helping businesses and households and
making difference in people’s lives and planet, aligned with government programs to
reduce carbon footprint.

Advisory and Assurance

We will audit your current energy consumption and advise a cost effect way to manage it.

Government Incentives

As an accredited provider we deliver the incentives and access to discounted energy efficient products and services.

Highest Quality Products

We only offer superior quality products which doesn’t comprise on your experience while maintaining the efficiency.

Industry Experts

We have something on the ball as a seasoned expert we will guide you the process with end-to-end project management.

Assistance in upfront costs

Supplementary to government incentives we offer assistance with repayment plans on upfront investments.

Our commitment to you

Our pledge to improve our client’s energy and resource management makes us Best collaborator.




    • L Datta
    • Rob Warne
    • Rachel Morrison
    • Bryan Scott
    • Richard Hall
    • Varun Dhand

    Short & quick review: Best company we have came across so far in terms of Business ethics & transparency & all other ... which is most important.

    L Datta

    Auspro helped me to bring down my energy bills considerably. They have replaced lamps & electric water pumps at my property. The staff is good and they were very patient with me.

    Rob Warne

    Professional service. Their team explained the available grant very well, The Consultant helped with the entire grant application process, the sparky & the plumber were good they installed the water pump and showed us the demo. As we are old hence we were concerned regarding COVID 19 however they followed the WHO guidelines and it was complete contactless process. I have recommended you to my sister & few friends. Thank you.

    Soni Marvel
    Rachel Morrison

    Good service right from booking the appointment till the complete installation.I got my electric heat pump replaced to heat pump and entire process was smooth. They kept us informed about the status on every step. Good on you guys....Cheers!

    Bryan Scott

    They know what they are doing. I had few other companies approaching me to replace lamps in my factory however they lacked basic knowledge. Chirag from Auspro prepared complete documentation, blue prints, proposal with the timelines to complete entire lighting project. I am very happy with the quality of the lamps & service. Keep it up.

    Richard Hall

    Got a reference from one of my mates to upgrade to LED lights for warehouses I own in Geelong. The electrician was punctual and made it very convenient for the guys working there. PS: the lights are bright and very energy efficient.

    Varun Dhand
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