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Reducing your energy costs by up to 70%. CFC free which means less damage to Ozone layer.

Quality Components

Japanese Compressor to provide trouble-free operation.

Low Noise

Noise pollution? Very low operating noise.


Government Initiative Approved

Backed and Approved under Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program.

Wide Temperature Range

Its made for Australian conditions with ambient operating range from -7 C to +40 C.

Eco friendly Technology

Most innovative eco-friendly technology extracts energy from the surrounding air of the unit.

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All Victorian & NSW commercial property owners or tenants  that have old and inefficient electric or gas hot water systems are acceptable to use the offer under the Government VEU & ESS programs.

An A-grade electrician or qualified installer will visit your premises to install top quality products. All our installers carry a company ID to ensure you are dealing with legit Auspro representative.

As this program is for all eligible Victorian & NSW Business owners, we service both the states.

We bring Government Energy efficient program to life. All our products are subsidised by Government. Auspro Group is accredited with Essential Services Commission to perform energy efficiency and energy-saving services under the Victorian government Energy Upgrade Program (VEU Program). We are living up to expectation of Victoria’s one of the largest Energy Efficient provider by providing unsurpassed expertise in energy efficient products.

Think Smarter!

Combining efficiency with innovation, our heat pumps are cutting edge to the hot water systems market. Our highly efficient heat pumps come at a low cost thanks to government subsidies in place. This means you can create savings out of thin air. Not only do our units use renewable energy to increase the output, they are also more Energy efficient than electric and solar hot water systems

A Greener Future Energy Saving

Steaming Hot Water

Stop paying, Start Saving

Quiet Operation

Designed for Australia

Government Approved

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